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I’m Angela, and I’ve been a master color specialist and hair extensions specialist for over two decades. 


When I fell in love with hair extensions, I set out to master the craft. I traveled across the country to learn from the creators of methods like NBR and the Harper Ellis Concealed Bead Method. I’m also certified in the Luna Method and IBE. I believe that there’s no one size fits all hair extensions method for everyone, so together, we’ll find the perfect method for you and your dream hair. 


My mission as a stylist is to honor the opportunity to work creatively while also changing the way women feel about themselves and their hair. I believe that the relationship between a stylist and their guest is sacred. They’re putting their insecurities, dreams, and confidence in our hands, after all! 


I’m also passionate about sharing my hard-earned knowledge and experience with stylists like me. I love this industry, and I want to ensure that every stylist has the opportunity to learn, ask questions, and feel supported. 


When I’m not at work, I love being with my husband, two kids, and three fur babies. 

Hey y'all!