Natural Beaded Rows™

If you answered the previous question YES:

If you answered the previous question YES:

Pricing Information

Thanks for taking an interest in Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions. Below is an estimate of what the investment in NBR could be.

FIRST TIME CLIENTS: Most first time clients can expect a one-time initial investment of $800 to $1,000 for us to work together. First, you will place a non-refundable deposit of $500. This will go towards your extension hair and securing your appointment in Angela’s schedule. You may change your appointment to a future date with AT LEAST one week's notice. If you decide to change your appointment after the one week mark, $250 of the $500 is non transferable to the future appointment for not giving enough notice to fill your appointment with someone else. This investment covers NBR hair, hair placement, seamless color of extensions AND natural hair, cut/blending and the signature beach wave style.

RETURNING CLIENTS For returning NBR clients, you can expect the following: Re-tighten the NBR hair extensions every 6-8 weeks. Replace the NBR hair extensions every 4-6 months with brand new hair. Some clients choose to refresh some of the hair sooner than later and this comes with an addition investment per hair weft of $65. A usual tighten and color touch up ranges between $350 - $500.

Having full knowledge of the financial commitments to obtain and maintain your NBR extensions, are you prepared to make the financial investment necessary to sit in Angela’s chair and experience the reality of a NEW YOU?

This is the FINAL stage of the application and likely the most important.

Follow the instructions below to upload your current photo:

  1. Must be a photo of your current hair.
  2. Use your cell phone.
  3. Have someone take the photo for you (no selfies).
  4. Take in natural lighting indoors (no flashes or direct sunlight).
  5. You will take FOUR photos: a front photo, a left sided photo, a right sided photo & a back photo.
  6. Email photographs Here